The Gym


Redhill Amateur Boxing Club offers various group and individual classes throughout the week. We offer a comfortable and friendly environment which will allow you to focus on a variety of disciplines as well as your individual goals and targets.


The Redhill Amateur Boxing Club team will work with you, at your pace to build your confidence and ability at a tempo that you are comfortable with. Whether it is on a One2One or group basis, we will work hard to ensure that you are challenged and also clearly informed on the purpose, effects and benefits of exercise. We host several group sessions, so regardless of your schedule there will always be something for you!


There is nothing worse than being pushed to far if you looking for a simple, low impact programme. Equally, there is nothing worse than not being pushed enough if you are a boxer preparing for your next fight. At Redhill Amateur Boxing Club, we have everything covered.


If you require more information regarding our facilities, classes, opening times and pricing plans please get in touch.